• 4% on any PayNearMe deposit*
  • 4% on any in-person Bank Of America deposit (maximum rebate $60)*
  • 4.5% fee rebated on online debit/credit card individual deposits of $80 or more*
  • 4.5% fee rebated on debit/credit card individual phone deposits of $80 or more*
  • 4.5% on Neteller individual deposits of $80 or more*
  • Deposit Fee Rebates Are In Addition To Daily and Monthly Rewards

*The total amount deposited must be wagered before the deposit rebate/bonus is earned.  If a withdrawal is made before the deposited amount is wagered, there will be no deposit fee rebate/bonus.

*Management reserves the right to deny deposit fee rebates/bonuses if deposits and withdrawals are done so in a revolving manner or if monies deposited are used for place or show wagers which result in minus pool scenarios.



For those who have yet to wager at*


 Wager at least $80 at in total within 7 days of making your initial deposit, and win or lose you will receive a $60 cash bonus deposited into your account. You will also start receiving industry high next day Player Reward Bonuses daily as soon as you start wagering.  

Some restrictions apply regarding the New Player Bonus: 

*A limit of one New Player bonus may be earned per family/household (address, phone number, computer address, etc.).  **Bets on horses which result in a mutuel payout of $2.20 or less per $2 bet multiple, cancelled wagers, and refunded bets do not count towards the $80 needed to wager to earn the bonus.  New accounts that are deemed suspicious by management may not qualify for the bonus.

***All bonuses must be wagered back at least once before a withdrawal can be made.

*Exceptions can be made if two months goes by and both accounts are deemed active (an active account for bonus purposes is an account that wagers at least $50 per week for 8 weeks straight).


SPECIAL BONUS DAY!:  Wager at least $20 on SUNDAY APRIL 23rd and you'll receive a $10 NEXT DAY CASH BONUS in addition to Daily Rewards earned.  *Cancelled wagers, refunds and show wagers do not count towards the $20 threshold.  Maximum special bonus is $10 per account. 


MONTHLY CASH BONUS (This is in addition to Daily Player Rewards):

The monthly bonus is based on total handle for a calendar month, and are distributed on the first day of the new month***  New Schedule below pertains to wagers made beginning December 1, 2016:

Wager between $2,000-$2,999 in a calendar month and receive a $20 bonus for that month.***

Wager between $3,000-$4,499 in a calendar month and receive a $30 bonus for that month.***

Wager between $4,500-$7,499 in a calendar month and receive a 0.75% bonus for that month.***

Wager between $7,500-$14,999 in a calendar month and receive a 1% bonus for that month.***

Wager between $15,000-$27,499 in a calendar month and receive a 1.25% bonus for that month.***

Wager $27,500 or more in a calendar month and receive a 1.50% for that month.***

***Individual winning wagers that result in a payoff price of $2.20 or less might not be included in the monthly wagering totals.
***Cancelled wagers and refunded wagers are not included in monthly wagering totals.
Note:  An account has to be active and in good standing at the time any time bonuses are distributed in order to receive a bonus.


Rewards vary based on wager type and racetrack.  Exotic wagers typically receive higher rewards than Win and Place wagers.    Some bet types at some tracks may yield no rewards.  Your place of residence may also impact the amount of rewards that you receive.  Also, there are no daily rewards for straight show wagers except for UK and Irish racing, however, show wagers count towards monthly bonus totals.  Winning place, or show wagers which are part of a minus pool may not be eligible for rewards or bonuses.

All bonuses/rewards/rebates have to be wagered at least one time before they can be withdrawn.

Minus pool losses incurred by us may result in deductions of those amounts from rewards and other bonuses from the player(s) who cash on a wager that is part of a minus pool.  Exceptions can be made.